Bi-Axial Compressive Analysis And Optimiztion Of Composite Laminates By Single Point Cross Over Genetic Algorithm



Nathi Shyam Kumar *,    Bhimavarapu Sambi Reddy **


*   Principal, Warangal Institute of Technology & Science, Warangal. E-mail:                                              

** Bharat Institute of Engg. & Tech, Mangapally(v), Ranga Reddy District, 501510, A.P. India, E-mail: 





            Critical stage in the structural design process is optimization. In the composite structure design process one must deal with many design variables such as plate thickness, number of layers, and orientation of laminae. Mathematical optimization is practical way for us to design a large structure. Genetic Algorithms are the best suitable for multi variable optimization. 


In this paper genetic algorithms are used to optimize  composite laminates stacking sequence subjected  to biaxial compressive loads.


Key words: Binary search selection; Crossover; Lamina; Laminate; Mutation; Stacking sequence; Tsai-Wu failure criterion.




International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering

Volume 1, Issue II,  Pages:  211-217