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       The present paper  serves an essential  and  introductory material  on  graph application  to  Network analysis. The  primary  goal  of  the  paper  is  enable   the  students  have a  firm  grasp  over  basic  principles  of  electrical  circuits  and  the  ability  to  design practical  circuit that  perform  the  desired operations. Emphasis  is  placed  on basic  laws  and  techniques  which are  used  to  develop a working  knowledge  of  methods  of  analysis  used  in further  topics  of  electrical engineering. This portion  requires  some  elementary  concepts from set  theory, matrix  algebra  and  no  special  background except certain  amount  of  mathematical  maturity..Graph  theory  will  be  applied  in  solving practical  problems   in  network analysis, in  circuit  lay out or  in  data  structures,  it  leads  to  large graphs and graphs  virtually  impossible  to  analyze  with   out  the  aid  of  computer. In fact  high  speed digital  computer is one  of  the  reason   for  recent  growth  of  interest  in Graph  theoryThis  paper shows how  electrical network  problems   can  be  represented by drawing  graphs. Electrical net work   analysis  and synthesis  are mainly  the  study  of  network topology. Computer   programmers  are  now available  for  analysis of  large  networks based  on  the  graph theoretic  approach. For the sake  of  simplicity in  case  of  networks  with  active  devices  the approach  of  a simple  graph  was used. The  bare essentials  of  topological analysis of  network have been presented  in this  paper for  introducing  the  student  to  the  application  of  graph theory in  network  analysis.

Key words: Introduction   ,importance ,representation, Analysis





International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering

Volume 3, Issue 1, Pages:  1368 - 1373