A Model For E-Commerce Application Based Requirements Engineering

T.V.Surya Narayana 1, Yakkala Balakrishna 2

 1TEC, Anumarllapudi, Guntur. A.P. India. Email:

 2 NAVA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECH, JangaReddy Gudam, West Godavari. Email:



Software companies are forced to become increasingly competitive and responsive to consumers as well as market development due to rapid changes in the current world and global competition. It is important for software companies to maximize product value through proper requirement engineering. The purpose of requirement engineering activities is to add business value that is accounted for in terms of return-on investment of a software product. This paper introduces some of the fundamental aspects of value from the perspectives of economic theory, discusses a number of the challenges faced by a requirement engineer and finally describes a model to define value from business, product and project perspectives.

Key words:  Requirement Engineering, Product Value, Business Value, and Project Value.



International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering

Volume 2, Issue 4, Pages: 1225 - 1233