Steganography Method For Secret Information Retrieval

Ch. Rama Krishna, G. Vijaya Krishna, T. V. Surya Narayana

CSE Department, Tenali Engineering College, Anumarllapudi (v), Guntur.

IT Department, Tenali Engineering College, Anumarllapudi (v), Guntur.

Tenali Engineering College, Anumarllapudi (v), Guntur.




Steganography is the art and science of hiding information. This paper introduces a technique for extracting secret information electronically encoded in most creative ways. We propose a system capable to detect (or extract) secret information using any generic steganalytic algorithm. The system is based on agent computing approach where the autonomic agent would traverse across several websites and detect any steganographic communication. If any such activity is detected it would report back to the concerned authority. Conceptual overview of the system, as well its design layout is presented. An illustrative example clarifies systemís functionality and performance.

Key Words:

Autonomic Agent, Steganography, Secret Information Hiding, Data Embedding, Stego-key, Data Extraction.


International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering

Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages:  1124 - 1130