Peripheral temperature distribution in human subjects exposed to wind flow

D B Gurung1 and V P Saxena2

1Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, School of Science,  Kathmandu University, Nepal, P.O.Box 6250, Kathmandu <>

2Sagar Institute of  Research, Technology and Science, Bhopal  462041, India.



Finite element method with Crank-Nicolson technique is employed to investigate one dimensional temperature distribution in human skin and subcutaneous tissue (SST) exposed to cold environmental temperature and wind flow. The wind speed is considered in the range from the start of forced convection ( 0.2 m/s) and up to 5 m/s. The important parameters like blood mass flow rate, metabolic heat generation rate and thermal conductivity are taken distinct in the layers of SST. The values of these parameters are considered as position dependent in the layers. The loss of heat from the body is considered due to convection, radiation, and insensible perspiration.

Keywords: Bioheat equation, Wind speed, Finite element method, Dermal parts

2000 Mathematical Subject Classification: 92C35, 65L60




International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering

Volume 2, Issue 1, Pages:  728 740