Applications Of Fiber Reinforced Composite Materials

D. Srikath Rao1, V. Devender2 N. Shyam kumar3, B. Durga Prasad4


            Composite materials are having a unique possibility of the tailoring their physical properties. They can be designed according to our requirement of engineering properties. Hence they are widely used in engineering applications; day by day they are replacing the conventional metals. Lot of research is carried out on the composite materials; every day new materials are prepared and used in industry. In this paper we want to discuss the applications of composite materials and special focus given to Indian inventions and applications.   

Key words: FRP Coposites, Radomes, cabon-carbon fibers, Dhruv, carbon-kevlar composites, Fishing rods, tennis racket






International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering

Volume 1, Issue 4, Pages:  708 714