Condition Monitoring Of Single Point Cutting Tool Using Acoustic Signal   By Decomposition

1Anil Taneja, 2Manpreet Bains, 3 Jasbir Mor, 4 Arvind Dewangan


            Condition of wear of tool in the machining has a great impact on surface finish.  . We have implemented methods based on acoustics to identify defects due to wear The proper methodology is selected for this experimental work. The analyses are done on machine tool under varying wear conditions.. A mike is used to record the acoustic signals generated by the machine assembly. The acoustic signals generated by the set-up are recorded by placing the mike in front of the rotating job . In this way we are analyzing the effect of wear on the spectrum of acoustic signals and developed a method to identify such defects.


Sub Area: Condition Monitoring

Broad Area: Mechanical Engineering






International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering

Volume 1, Issue 4, Pages: 663 666