Darcy Weish Bach Friction Factor Through Porous Rectanguler Open Channels An Analytical Approach



          Lecturer in Mathematics,
          C.K.M Arts & Science college,
          Warangal 506 006, A.P., India.

Professor (Retd) of Mathematics,
National Institute of technology,
Warangal-506004, A.P., India.



            Open channel flows widely occur in the design of irrigation canal net works.Most of the investigation on open channel flows are experimental studies only.This may be due to geometric complexity of channels and channel networks.The present paper deals with an analytical investigation on the flow through an open porous straight channel of rectangular cross-section under a constant pressure gradient.The momentum equation takes care of the convective acceleration and the viscous stresses generated in the flow region.Fourier series technique has been employed to solve the flow equations.Expresson for the Darcy-Weish Bach Friction factor has been computed for a wide spectrum of the values of the channel depth and porosity coefficient of the flow media and its variation graphically illustrated.*





International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering

Volume 1, Issue 4, Pages: 598 605