Importance Of Soil Waste Interaction

 Aditi Gupta
1 and Arvind Dewangan2


Soil-Waste Interaction can affect almost all the properties of soil. Though the effects of pollutants on soil are complex, they may be better understood if the various factors are isolated and considered independently. The effects may be different for different types of soils. Therefore, soil testing is an integral part of analysis and design in soil engineering. A proper evaluation of soil sample and determination of engineering properties under simulated field conditions are an essential component in practice of geotechnical engineering.  This paper reveals that accidental spillage or leakage of highly aggressive industrial effluents has detrimental effects on the properties of soil and hence prove that geotechnical engineering is backbone of civil engineering. The soil properties are influenced by presence of impurities such as toxic waste, hydrocarbons and interaction with them over a period of time.

Sub Area: Geotechnology

Broad Area: Civil Engineering

Keywords: 1.Impurities   2.Contamination   3.Toxic waste   4.Subsoil   5.Interaction    6. Soil   7.Geotechnical





International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering

Volume 1, Issue 4, Pages: 532 - 534