Experimental Investigation To Find Diameter Of Peerugularia Extensa Fibers By Image Analysis

   Akula Komuraiah 1,  N. Shyam kumar2,  D. Durga Prasad3, D. Sreekanth Rao4


For the accurate measurement of the object we use microscopes and other instruments like SEM (scanning electron microscope).  Instead of using SEM, if we use microscope to get the image and store them in a digital format in computer may be useful to measure the distances more accurately by using computer software, there are many soft wares available in the market which are helpful to analyze the images to know the various parameters of the image, For example we can find the distances, areas, angles etc with these software’s.  In this paper , I want to explain the process to find the diameter of the fibers of  peerugularia extensa.  Peruguleria extensa is a medicinal plant which naturally grows in the months june to September

Key words : Peerugularia Extensa, natural fiber, image analysis, diameter, microstructure







International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering

Volume 1, Issue 3, Pages:  487 – 491