Industry Institute Interaction; A Global Perspective

1. Arvind Dewangan  2. Rekha Gupta  3. R. K. Mittal


Today in the era of “Liberalisation, Privatisatisation and Globalisation”, the level of competition faced by engineering graduates in any discipline has become global in general and national in particular. Gone are the days, when jobs were available to engineering graduates either in their own states or in some other states. This paper reveals that till 1990 a large chunk of jobs for engineers were available either in govt. departments or in public sector undertakings. In those days multinational corporations were not present in India. Since last decade a large number of engineers belonging to the fields of Computer Science & Information Technology branches have gone to the U.S.A. and other countries and they are working in Software industries there. This phenomenon clearly depicts the need for preparing our engineering graduates to suit to the requirements of industries at the global level.

Key Words: - 1.Technologies, 2.Interations, 3.Industrial consultancy. 4. Industrial training.  5. Professionals. 6. Engineers.

Sub Area: - Technical Education.

Broad Area:- Applied Engineering




International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering

Volume 1, Issue 3, Pages:  450 – 452