Multi-response optimization of turning parameters of Al-6061–TiB2 in-situ metal matrix composite using Grey-Taguchi method

A.Mahamania*, V.Anandakrishnanb

aDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Sudharsan Engineering College, Pudukkottai – 622501, India.

bDepartment of Production Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli – 620015, India.

                                                                  *Corresponding Author Email ID:, Tel: +91-9629035191


The recent trend in material science shows considerable interest in replacing cast iron components due to their heavy weight. In-situ metal matrix composites are attracted by many researchers because of better mechanical properties, fine and uniform distribution of reinforcements. The present study is aimed at finding the optimal machining parameters in order to minimize the tool wear, surface roughness and cutting force in the turning of Al-6061-6% TiB2 in-situ metal matrix composite. The Grey-Taguchi method is applied to optimize this multiple response characteristics problem. The response table and ANOVA show that the depth of cut is a more significant parameter when compared with feed rate and cutting speed. The grey relational grade obtained form confirmation run is closer to the grade evaluated from Grey-Taguchi method. This experimental study reveals that the Grey-Taguchi method can be applied successfully to other machining operation.

Key words: ANOVA; flex assisted synthesis; grey-taguchi method; in-situ composite; multi-response optimization; surface roughness; TiB2 reinforcement; tool wear;

International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering

Volume 1, Issue 1I, Pages:  246 - 255