The Railway Bungalow, a Disappearing Phenomenon: Identity, Nostalgia and Imaginary Homelands in a Post-colonial Experience

1Jeremy Savio Dcruz and 2Shanthichitra

1Department of English, SRM University, Faculty of Science and Humanities, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

2Department of English, SRM University, Faculty of Science and Humanities, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.



        The origins of the Railway Bungalow in India lie in the early attempts of thefirst British military pioneers in the Eighteenth Century to designate and construct a permanent dwelling for the East India Company when the British were still traders in the subcontinent. However, the Railway Bungalow has always had a fixed notion of identity and has evolved over the colonial to the contemporary era which travels around nostalgia and more importantly colonial nostalgia.  The Indian Railway which plays a huge part in the growth of the Indian economy has also been a phenomenon in diversifying the multicultural landscape within India. How does a community evolve into an identity?  If this transition is possible, does this transition happen organically or does it involve a catalyst which revolves only around nostalgia? The narratives of the Bungalow in India have not remained that of a stylistic expression alone but have demonstrated cultural pluralism through its regional variations and architectural types. Post-colonialism has anchored itself deeply and this grounding has constructed many an experiences in India. This paper will serve as an academic platform through which narratives of the Railway Bungalow and the ideologies that surround this cultural synergy, has evolved into an identity. This will be the sole idea behind the questioning of this paper.

Keywords: Nostalgia, Identity, Railway Bungalow, Diversification


InternationaleJournal of Mathematical Sciences, Technology and Humanities
6, Issue
3, Pages:  45 - 50