MHD Flow of an Incompressible Viscous Fluid Through Porous Medium Bounded by Two Semi Infinite Parallel Plates

K.Shiva Shanker1 and V.Narasimha Charyulu.2

Research Centre of Mathematics, Kakatiya Institute of Technology & Science,Warangal, Telangana, India. E-mail: sskache@gmail.com1 and vn_charyulu@yahoo.com2


The aim of the present investigation is to study the unsteady flow of an incompressible viscous fluid through porous medium bounded between two semi infinite parallel plates under the influence of transverse magnetic field applied perpendicular to the length of the plates.  The whole system is under rotation about an axis perpendicular to the length of the plates.  The fluid is set in motion due to impulsive moment of upper plate, while the lower plate is fixed.  The effect of rotation, magnetic parameter and permeability parameter on the velocity of the fluid is examined at length.  The effect of physical parameters on shear stress is also studied.

Keywords :    Magnetic parameter, rotation parameter, permeability parameter, porous medium, shear stress.



InternationaleJournal of Mathematical Sciences, Technology and Humanities

Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages:  33 - 49