Modelling and Simulation of Dynamic Voltage Restorer (Dvr) for Voltage Sag Mitigation

Needha Lone

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,  HCTM Technical campus, Kaithal (Haryana), India. E-mail:

S. P. Jain

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, HCTM Technical campus, Kaithal (Haryana), India



This paper describes the modeling and simulation of dynamic voltage restorer as a voltage sag mitigation device in electrical power distribution networks. In present day’s power distribution systems is suffering from severe power quality problems. Among the entire power quality issues, voltage sag occupy a major role and its major impact on sensitive loads are well known. To solve this problem, custom power devices are used. One of those devices is the Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR). The dynamic voltage restorer, with its excellent dynamic capabilities, when installed between the supply and a critical load feeder, can compensate for voltage sag/swells, restoring line voltage to its nominal value within few milliseconds and hence avoiding any power disruption to the load It can provide the most commercial solution to mitigation voltage sag by injecting voltage as well as power into the system. The proposed method relies on the adjusting the DC voltage input of the multilevel inverter using a DC/DC converter according to voltage sag. The modeling and simulation is carried out using MATLAB/SIMULINK. Simulation results carried out by matlab/Simulink verify the performance of the proposed method.

Key words - Power quality, Dynamic voltage restorer (DVR), voltage sag, sensitive loads





International eJournal of Mathematical Sciences, Technology and Humanities

Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages:  1309 - 1316