Control of a synchronous Generator Based on a Hybrid Excitation Connected to a Diode rectifier

K.Srikanth1  and  M.Ramesh2

1M.Tech (PE) student, Dept of EEE, SR Engineering College Warangal, India

2 Assistant professor, Dept of EEE, SR Engineering College Warangal, India


            Thisproject deals with the modeling and the control of the hybrid excitation synchronous machine (HESM) connected to a diode bridge rectifier. The set is operating as a DC generator that supplies an isolated grid in embedded applications such as aircraft electrical power generation. Saturation effects have also been taken into account. The aim of the control is to maintain the DC bus voltage constant when the load and/or the speed of the rotor vary. The hybrid excitation synchronous machine (HESM) combines the advantages of the two above-mentioned machines. As its name reveals, the excitation flux in this machine is produced by two different sources: the permanent magnets and a field winding that is placed at the stator to preserve a brushless structure. In the motor mode, the latter source is used to weaken the field in the air gap leading to a constant power operation over a wide range of speeds. In the generator mode, the electrical excitation allows the regulation of the output voltage under load and/or speed variation. Simulation results validate this approach.

Keywords Synchronous generator, Hybrid excitation, Diode bridge rectifier, Control, embedded applications, aircraft.







International eJournal of Mathematical Sciences, Technology and Humanities

Volume 4, Issue 2, Pages:  1236 - 1243