A Study on Active Electromagnetic Suspension System

 Velivela Lakshmikanth Chowdary#, Syed Umar*, Katuru Venkata Naga Dinesh Kumar$

#Department of Mechanical, Sarojini Institute of technology, A.P.India, *Department of ECM, KL University, A.P., India., #Department of Mechanical, Sarojini Institute of technology, A.P.India.




        This paper introduces a service robot which performs the repetitive task of welcoming people graciously both by a sweet recorded message and hand gesture representing “Namastae” – an Indian tradional method wishing of people. Most commonly we observe people dressed in the getups of Mickey mouse, Donald duck, Teddy bear etc., near schools, colleges, offices, in parties and marriages  etc. Here the people wear only dress and performs the  task of wishing unknown people  mechanically which is really a mind-numbing task.  In this paper we  designed a service robot that acts as a host in receiving people and performs the same task for hours without getting weary. This is a low cost flexible robot which can be designed and constructed without difficulty.        

KeywordsPing sensor, Arduino, servos, relays





International eJournal of Mathematical Sciences, Technology and Humanities

Volume 4, Issue 1, Pages:  1164 - 1176