The Concept of Truth and High Seriousness A Study

Arun Punyani

Sr. Asstt. Professor, HCTM Technical Campus, Kaithal.


The mood of Arnoldís poetry tends to be of plaintive reflection, and he is restrained in expressing emotion. He felt that poetry should be the 'criticism of life' and express a philosophy. Arnold's philosophy is that true happiness comes from within, and that people should seek within themselves for good, while being resigned in acceptance of outward things and avoiding the pointless turmoil of the world. However, he argues that we should not live in the belief that we shall one day inherit eternal bliss. If we are not happy on earth, we should moderate our desires rather than live in dreams of something that may never be attained. This philosophy is clearly expressed in such poems as "Dover Beach" and in these lines from "Stanzas from the Grande Chartreuse":

Key Notes: 1. Plaintive Reflection. 2. Criticism of life. 3. Eternal Bliss. 4. Splendid Prist.





International eJournal of Mathematical Sciences, Technology and Humanities

Volume 3, Issue 3, Pages:  1077 - 1079