The Mellin Type Integral Transform (MTIT) in the range(a,)

Ramchandra M. Pise

 Department of Mathematics, (A.S.&H.)*, R.G.I.T. Versova, Andheri (W),Mumbai-53, India



            In this paper Laplace operators are used to solve The Mellin Type  integral transform in the interval a to  , a work which is put forwarded to understand how Laplace operators would leads to properties , theorems ,derivatives and applications to  the Mellin Type Integral Transform in this range.The main view of my  work is to give procedure from Laplace Transform that turns out to be valid for for the Mellin Type Integral Transform  in the range a to . ,where a is positive ,.this Integral Transform ,can be a technique for solving boundary and initial value problems. The results have been modified by applying suitable functions which leads to the results in The Mellin Type  Integral Transform for the  interval a to  To illustrate the advantages and use of this transformation, some important differential equations have been solved at the end .the Matlab  programmes  are given for the basic and other formulae.The graphical concept is represented by assigning different values to the  parameter by using tools of Matlab  which gives a brighter view of applications  to  the Mellin Type  Integral Transforms.

Keywords:  Laplace transform, Mellin transform, Finite transform.

AMS Mathematical Subject Classification44A10,44A35, 44A05, 92D25, 46F12, 44A15, 35G15 , 44A85




International eJournal of Mathematical Sciences, Technology and Humanities

Volume 2, Issue 5, Pages:  811 - 829