Block Based Adaptive Video data Hiding Technique

 Resoju Omprakash1 and D. Jyothi2

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Sree Chaitanya Engineering College, Karimnagar Email:



Video data hiding is still an important research topic due to the design complexities involved. We propose a new video data hiding method that makes use of erasure correction capability of Repeat Accumulate codes and superiority of Forbidden Zone Data Hiding. Selective embedding is utilized in the proposed method to determine host signal samples suitable for data hiding. This method also contains a temporal synchronization scheme in order to withstand frame drop and insert attacks. The proposed framework is tested by typical broadcast material against MPEG-2, H.264 compression, frame-rate conversion attacks, as well as other well-known video data hiding methods. The decoding error values are reported for typical system parameters. The simulation results indicate that the framework can be successfully utilized in video data hiding applications.

Index Terms Data hiding, digital watermarking, Quantization Index Modulation, Forbidden Zone Data Hiding, Repeat Accumulate codes, selective embedding.



International eJournal of Mathematical Sciences, Technology and Humanities

Volume 2, Issue 5, Pages:  789 - 797