Structural Analysis of a Aluminum Alloy Wheel

Subba Rao Vlisi And Tippa Bhimasankar Rao

1 Nimra Institute of Science And Technology, E-mail:

2 Vice-Principal & HoD of Department of Mechanical Engineering, Nimra Institute of Science And Technology, E-mail:



In the present project a detailed static and fatigue analysis of aluminum alloy wheel under a radial loads has been done.

Analysis of aluminum alloy wheel A356.2 was carried out using FEA package. The 3 dimensional model of the wheel was designed using CATIA. Then the IGES format 3-D model was imported into ANSYS.

The present thesis summarizes the application of finite element analysis technique for analyzing stress distribution and fatigue life of Aluminum alloy wheels subject to radial loads. Alloy wheels intended for use on passenger cars stipulate two types of fatigue tests, the dynamic cornering fatigue test and the dynamic radial fatigue test. As wheels undergo inconsistent, varying loads during their service life, fatigue behavior is a key consideration in the design and performance evaluation. But since alloy wheels are designed for styling and have more complex shapes than regular steel wheels, it is difficult to assess fatigue life by analytical methods. So, finite element analysis has been used to evaluate the performance of wheels over their life.


International eJournal of Mathematical Sciences, Technology and Humanities

Volume 2, Issue 4, Pages:  698 - 716