Unsteady Dusty Viscous Flow between Parallel Plates

S.Raji Reddy

Department of Mathematics,MGIT, Gandipet, Hyderabad, A.P., India.   Email:




               The present investigation is confined the numerical solution to unsteady dusty viscous flow between two parallel plates, under three pressure gradients.  Periodic pressure gradient, Constant pressure gradient and Exponentially decreasing pressure gradient. The governing differential equations with initial and boundary conditions in dimensionless form are solved by making use of successive over relaxation and forward difference formula. An interesting observation in this study is that dust particles take more time to arrive at steady state and velocity of clean gas is always greater than that of dusty gas throughout the region of the flow for all Reynolds numbers. Also this investigation brings to light and that at large Reynold numbers, in case of exponentially decreasing pressure gradient there exists a zone of silence in which the dust particle velocity is negligibly small.

Keywords:  Dusty viscous flow, parallel plates, successive over relaxation method.





International eJournal of Mathematical Sciences, Technology and Humanities

Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages:  359 - 368