Violence – A Thematic Interpretation In Th E Poetry Of Ted Hughes

Dr. Arun Punyani

Sr. Asstt. Prof. in English, HCTM Technical Campus, Kaithal (Haryana), India. Email:




                Violence is essentially one of the obsessive themes in the poetry of Ted Hughes. He has written a large number of poems which depict violence, violence chiefly of savage animals, but violence also in human nature. Hughes himself equated the word “violence” with what he called “Vehement activity” or with what he also called energy” although different critics have different views regarding the theme of violence in the poetry of Ted Hughes but according to him “Any form of violence, any form of vehement activity invokes the bigger energy, the elemental power circuit of the Universe”

Key words:1. Ted Hughes 2.Violence 3.Energy 4.Vehement activity 5. Nature




International eJournal of Mathematical Sciences, Technology and Humanities

Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages:  344 - 352