Urban Sprawl in GIS : Socio-Economic and Spatial Dynamics of Gondar City

Kurma Satyanarayana1 and  Kassahun Gashu 2

1. Associate professor, University of  Gondar, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies: email:

2. Lecturer, University of Gondar, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies.



  This study is to identify the socio economic and spatial problems of urban sprawl of the city of Gondar. The methodology used in the study was primary data sources collected using questionnaire and GPS to identify the actual spread of the urban sprawl and to demarcate the actual area of sprawl. GIS software is used to link the socio economic survey and the spatial dynamics of the urban sprawl. The secondary data was obtained from published and unpublished annual report, annual plan from the concerned offices, research documents and others. The analysis of data is done by using both quantitative and qualitative methods.

The data analysis shows that the dwellers of the areas monthly income was mostly below 1000Birr, which indicates they are un skilled labors,  due to this reason life in urban sprawl is not much comfortable. It is observed that the distance between main road and the house rent pattern comfort on transport network, physical strain of residents and other amenities is not well established as spatial dynamics of the area.

Key terms: Urban sprawls, Gondar, Spatial dynamics, Angerb, Spatial random sampling, spatial segregation, environmental control, non conventional energy.





International eJournal of Mathematical Sciences, Technology and Humanities

Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages:  329 - 343