Perpetual Tribulations Of Management Education


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Management education in India has grown phenomenally during the last three decades and now it has become an important feature in our economic and social life. Management education has occupied a core position in the country, yet to intensive investigation into success of management education system prevailing in the country has been done, it was, therefore, important that the growth of management education should be systematically reviewed and evaluated and that policies should be formulated for the future which will promote the optimum use of resources and the maximum economic benefit. The developing countries suffer, how ever, from a critical shortage of competent and experienced managers. The important of professional management is recognized not only in business and industrial sectors where the role of manager is self evident but also in other sectors of development including financial, commercial, health and social services, education and government administration.

Management is a key factor in the economic development of a country, it is a universal acceptance and recognition and a manager will have to satisfy the increasing expectations in the context of processors of social and economic changes.



International eJournal of Mathematical Sciences, Technology and Humanities

Volume 2, Issue 1, Pages:  201 - 204