Graph Applications To Hydraulic Turbines

V. Manjula
B E D Department, MIC College of  Technology, Kanchikacherla,



The  writing  of  the  paper  entitled  ‘Graph  Applications  to  Fluid  Mechanics was prompted  by  a  desire  to  meet  the  requirements  of Mechanical  Engineering  students. Usually   students  face   difficulty  understanding  clearly  the  basic  principles. To  meet  this  basic  requirement   some  fundamental  concepts  and  its  Graph  Applications  were  given. This  paper  concerns  the  graph  applications  of  hydraulic  turbines  which  are  the  characteristic  curves. The  turbines  are  usually  designed  for  particular  values  of   H, Q, P, n  which are  known  as  designed  values under  given  conditions. But  it is  not  possible   for  a  turbine  to  run  at  design  conditions. Hence  it  is  necessary  to  have  knowledge  how  these  conditions  vary    with  respect to  one  another .Relations  between  any  two  of  the  parameters  are characteristic  curves. It  is  therefore  customary  to  study  the  variation  of  all  the  quantities  with  respect  to  variation  of  any  one  of  the  independent  quantities. Performance   curves  is   an   important   topic    which   has been  given  equal  weight age  in  Mechanical, civil, Chemical Engineering   curriculum. This   paper   designed   to   explain   the    fundamentals   of   turbines  and   its    applications   to   graphs. principles  and  concepts of   turbines  presented in  simple  and   clear  terms. The  paper  has  an  easy  to  read  style and is  going  to  benefit  the  readers. Important   findings are

  1. Characteristic  curves helps  in  selecting  given  situation or predicting  its  behavior at  different  places  where head  and  discharge  may be  different.
  2. Trend  of unit  power  and  overall  efficiency  is  same  for  all  turbines increase   in  their    value  with  increasing  in  their  gate  value

Keywords:. Introduction, properties of turbine,  introduction,  importance,, Graphical   representations




International eJournal of Mathematical Sciences, Technology and Humanities

Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages:  147 - 152