Second Order Visco-Elastic Fluid Flow Through A Porous Medium With Small Suction Reynold’s Number Between Two Horizontal Permeable Plates In Relative Motion

Mohammed Ameenuddin and N.Ch. Pattabhiramacharyulu

1Anwarul uloom College Mallepally, Hyderabad A.P. India 500001. Email:

2 National Institute of Technology (R.E.C) Warangal A.P. India 506004



The present paper deals with the “Steady flow of a Noll’s second order fluid through a porous medium between two horizontal permeable plates in relative motion with small suction Reynold’s number”. The flow through the porous medium satisfies the general momentum equation proposed by Yama Moto and Yoshida and the bounding plates are permeable allowing equal suction and injection through them. A perturbation technique has been adopted with the suction Reynold’s number (R) as perturbation parameter to obtain an approximate solution of  an ill-posed problem. The velocity field is obtained analytically from which the flow rate, mean velocity in the channel and the drag forces on two bounding plates are obtained.

The special cases of flow in (i) Wide channel (ii) Narrow channel (iii) Large porosity parameter and (iv) Small porosity parameter have been discussed and the results have been drawn from graphical illustrations.

Key words: Steady flow, Visco-elastic fluid, porous medium, perturbation technique




International eJournal of Mathematical Sciences, Technology and Humanities

Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages:  125 - 139