Etude et mise en place d’une solution web pour la gestion des notes de frais
 « Phi CRM »

Nasima Melyani, Nabil Hmina, Sara Guessous and Driss Mentagui

Université Ibn Tofail,



Often, we meet in companies the same scenario: a pile of expense reports waits on his office for the arrival of the manager in charge of approving them. The sales department becomes
alarmed at the delay of the refunds, while the financial service multiplies e-mails for the manager asking him to validate quickly the spending … The compatibility finds to have to
handle in the urgency a significant number of expense reports. In the key: a permanent stress in the whole of the services, the errors bound to the seizures and seized again, the slow process and a lot of energy dedicated to low value-added tasks.

It is from this perspective that Phi decided to integrate an automated solution integrated rules and actors into every stage of the process of validation of the professional expense reports. Indeed, our implementation and our propositions and solutions will allow PHI to improve the productivity, the conformity and the control of business expenses.





International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering
9, Issue
1, Pages:  1 - 12