Performance and Vibration Analysis of Di Diesel Engine With Bio Diesel

M.Lokanadha Rao

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Jayamukhi Institute of technological Sciences, Narasampet, Warangal (rural), Telangana.


              Mahua oil is one of the best alternative fuels for diesel engines. Due to its higher viscosity Mahua oil needs transesterification. The author conducted several experiments on diesel, Mahua Oil Methyl Ester and Di Methyl Carbonate as additive. It has been observed change in the thermal efficiency with better and smoother efficiency rise in the case of 6% additive in biodiesel. There is a thermal efficiency rise of 1.08% at full load operation of the engine for 6% additive over the conventional diesel and the difference of increase with respect to biodiesel is 1.04%. There is uniform and sustained combustion with reasonably better rise in the amplitude in 6 milliseconds in the case of 6% additive in biodiesel which can be observed in the figure 6.25 In the case of other fuel samples with more additive the combustion became dull or spectrum became gray in color indicating incomplete combustion /combustion with detonation to some extent.







International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering
7, Issue
4, Pages:  94 - 101