Effect of Temperature Dependent Viscosity on the Peristaltic Transport of Jeffery Fluid

P.Vinod Kumar1, Y.V.K.Ravi Kumar2,  Shahnaz Bathul3 and P.Subhash4

1Department of Mathematics, JNTU College of Engineering, Nachupally, Karimnnagar, Telangana, India.

2Practice School Division, Birla Institute of Technology & Science(BITS)-Pilani, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

3Department of Mathematics, JNTU College of Engineering,, Kukat pally, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.



This paper deals with an investigation on the peristaltic flow of a Jeffrey fluid with temperature dependent viscosity. The governing equations of nonlinear partial differential equations are simplified under the long wavelength and low Reynolds number approximations. The reduced governing equations are solved by using perturbation method. The expressions for the stream function, pressure gradient , velocity and temperature are obtained. The physical features of pertinent parameters have been discussed by plotting the graphs of velocity, pressure rise, temperature, pressure gradient, heat transfer coefficient and the friction force. It is noticed that the velocity and temperature decrease with increasing the the ratio of relaxation to retardation times ( 1  ).

Keywords:- Temperature,Viscosity,Peristaltic transport, Jeffrey fluid.






International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering
5, Issue
4, Pages:  2444 - 2464