Direct BUCK AC-AC Converter by Using PID controller

V. Divya1, M.M. Irfan2  and C. Venkatesh3

Department of EEE, SR Engineering College, Warangal, Telangana, India


Compared with the traditional AC-DC-AC convertors, the direct AC-AC convertors in which the energy-storage component is not equipped can be manufactured smaller and cheaper. The researches on direct AC-AC convertors have been an important field. The DC-modulated method, which was used in DC-DC convertors before, is used in    AC-AC convertors to realize a direct   AC-AC converting now. The method as regulating the duty of switch periods can control the circuit to output an acceptable sinusoid voltage wave. But this method can always bring forth a small phase shift between input and output. Compared to PWM control method, the PID can gain a smaller response time and a balance between reducing switching loss and improving quality of output.

Index Terms—AC-AC converter, Buck, PID,   control stragety.





International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering
5, Issue
3, Pages:  2426 - 2431