Stand-Alone Distributed Generation System with an Adaptive Controller based VSC

Kunta Srinivas, D. Raja babu and C. Venkatesh 

Department of EEE, SR Engineering College, Warangal, A.P.,,


AbstractThis paper proposes an adaptive control method of three-phase inverters for stand-alone distributed generation systems (DGSs) with and without controller. The proposed voltage controller includes two control terms: an adaptive compensating term and a stabilizing term. The adaptive compensating control term is constructed to avoid directly calculating the time derivatives of state variables. Meanwhile, the stabilizing control term is designed to asymptotically stabilize the error dynamics of the system. Also, a fourth-order optimal load current observer is proposed to reduce the number of current sensors and enhance the system reliability and cost effectiveness. The stability of the proposed voltage controller and the proposed load current observer is fully proven by using Lyapunov theory. The proposed control system can establish good voltage regulation such as fast dynamic response, small steady-state error, and low total harmonic distortion under sudden load change.


Index TermsAdaptive control, distributed generation (DG), distributed generation system (DGS), load current observer, stand-alone, three-phase inverter and voltage control.



International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering
5, Issue
2, Pages:  2389 - 2405