Efficient Half-Bridge Resonant AC–AC Converter for Domestic Induction Heating

J. Arun kumar1AVV. Sudhakar2 and C. Venkatesh3

1Student, Dept of EEE, SR Engineering College,Warangal, AP, India

2Dept of EEE, SR Engineering College, Warangal, AP, India

3Dept of EEE, SR Engineering College, Warangal, AP, India


This paper presents the analysis and design of a new ac–acresonant converter applied to domestic induction heating. The proposed topology, based on the half-bridge series resonant inverter, uses only two diodes to rectify the mains voltage. The proposed converter can operate with zero-voltage switching during both switch-on and switch-off transitions. Moreover, this topology doubles the output voltage, and therefore, the current in the load is reduced for the same output power. As a consequence, the converter efficiency is significantly improved. The generation of harmonics at the output will create alternating change in the magnetic flux through the inductor coil below the plates and resulting in more production of eddy currents which gives efficient performance.

Index Terms
Home appliances, induction heating, inverters, resonant power conversion





International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering

Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages:  2360 - 2370