Local scour: A Review for Hydraulic Engineers

 Ayush Vashisth1*, Bhawana Arora2#

1Dept. of Civil Engineering, GLA University Mathura, U.P. India. *e-mail:

2Dept. of Civil Engineering, HCTM Technical Campus, Kathail, Haryana India. #e-mail:


Over the past 100 years numerious studies have been conducted and équations were developed to predict bridge-pier scour. Most of these equation were developed using laboratory data and sometimes tested using limited field data. Untill recently , there have been very limited data to test the equations for existing problems and so there is considérable uncertainity in the use of these equations to predict scour in field settings.The purpose of this study is to develop the collectively review for an hydraulic engineers. The limitations of each of the equations will be examined for the purpose of providing guidance of hydraulic engineers concerned with scour at bridge piers.

Keywords - River, scour, hydraulic, river bed, sediment  





International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering

Volume 5, Issue 1, Pages:  2354 - 2359