An Optimum Fuzzy Logic Approach For Edge Detection In Digital Images

 Anuj Goel, ECE Deptt., MMEC, MMU Mullana, Email-

Vikas Mittal, ECE Deptt., MMEC, MMU Mullana, Email-


Various kinds of images and pictures are required as sources of information for analysis and interpretation. In this paper an efficient edge detection algorithm has been proposed using fuzzy if-then rules.  Fuzzy logic is an efficient operator used to deal with uncertain data. The proposed method works by segmenting the edge pixels and background pixels. The algorithm uses 3x3 window to process the image and depending upon the neighborhood information decides whether the input pixel is an edge pixel or not. The membership functions black & white are used to calculate the degree to what extent an input pixel is black & white respectively and the output membership function ‘edge’ is used to restore the edge pixels.

Keywords- Edge detection, fuzzy logic, image processing, membership functions.




International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering

Volume 4, Issue 1, Pages:  1969 - 1974