A Noval Algorithm for Five Level Five Phase Voltage Source Inverter Using Two Level Five Phase Svpwm

1MD. Abdul Alha Mujaheet, 2Y.Rajasekhar Reddy and 3Chalasani Hari Krishna

1&2&3 Department of EEE, Mother Theresa Institute of Science & Technology.



    Multilevel voltage-fed inverters with space vector pulse width modulation strategy are gained importance in high power high performance industrial drive applications. Multi-phase machines and drives is a topic of growing relevance in recent years, and it presents many challenging issues that still need further research. Multilevel multiphase technology combines the benefits of both technologies. This paper proposes a new simplified space vector PWM method for a five-level five phase voltage source inverter. The five- level inverter has a large number of switching states compared to a two-level inverter. In the proposed scheme, five-level space vector PWM inverter is easily implemented using algorithm based on a displacement plus a two-level multiphase SVPWM modulator. Therefore, the proposed method can also be applied to multilevel inverters. In this paper, a five-level five phase inverter using space vector modulation strategy has been modeled and simulated. Simulation results are presented for operation conditions using R-L load. 

Key words — Decomposition, Multilevel Inverter, Multi Phase Machine, Svpwm





International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering

Volume 3, Issue 5, Pages:  1934 - 1941