Effect of Variable Viscosity and Prandtl Number on the Flow and Heat Transfer along a Wedge

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        In this paper, the steady laminar water boundary layer flow along a porous wedge with temperature-dependent viscosity and Prandtl number is considered. The effect of viscous dissipation and suction (injection) is included in the analysis. The system of partial differential governing equations are reduced to a system of non-linear ordinary differential equations by similarity transformations and then solved by an implicit finite difference scheme along with quasilinearization technique. Numerical computations are carried out for different values of dimensionless parameters for the wedge angle ranging from 0o to 90o, to study their effect on the flow and heat transfer in the presence of variable fluid properties, and analyzed graphically.



International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering

Volume 3, Issue 4, Pages:  1810 - 1818