Chemical Reaction Effects on Flow Past an Accelerated Vertical Plate with Variable Temperature in the Presence of Rotating Fluid

1 R.Muthucumaraswamy, 2 N. Dhanasekar, 3 G. Easwara Prasad
department of applied mathematics, sri venkateswara college of engineering, sriperumbudur 602 105, India.
Department of Mathematics, Mohamed Sathak ,  A .J .College of Engineering, Chennai 603 103, INDIA.
Department of Mathematics, S.T.HINDU  COLLEGE, NAGERCOIL, INDIA.



        An exact analysis of rotation effects on unsteady flow of an incompressible fluid past a uniformly accelerated infinite vertical plate with variable temperature and mass diffusion, in the presence of chemical reaction of first order.  The plate temperature is raised linearly with time and the concentration level near the plate is also raised to The dimensionless governing equations are solved using Laplace-transformtechnique. The velocity profiles, temperature and concentration are studied for different physical parameters like chemical reaction parameter, thermal Grashof number, mass Grashof number, Schmidt number, Prandtl number and time. It is observed that the velocity increases with increasing values of thermal Grashof number or mass Grashof number. It is also observed that the velocity increases with decreasing magnetic field parameter or rotation parameter Ω.

rotation, accelerated, vertical plate, heat and mass transfer, chemical reaction.





International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering

Volume 3, Issue 4, Pages:  1799 - 1809