Performance Improvement of OFDM System Using Self Cancellation Windowing Technique

1Kapil Bhardwaj,2Ajay Kumar ,3Alka Kalra

Department of Electronics &Communication Engineering,

1,2M.M Engineering College,M.M.U. Mullana (Ambala), India

3Haryana College of Engineering & Technology, Kaithal (Haryana), India





OFDM based wireless systems are spectrally efficient but they are vulnerable to Inter carrier interference (ICI). The rapid change in the channel can induce ICI. ICI will significantly increase the difficulty of OFDM channel estimation. ICI due to carrier frequency offset can be mitigated by accurate frequency synchronization but ICI due to fast fading channel is more difficult to handle. ICI causes power leakage among subcarriers thus degrading the system performance. In this paper the performance analysis of self-cancellation with window function for combating the impact of ICI on OFDM systems under Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) channel is studied. The proposed scheme is a technique in which redundant data is transmitted onto adjacent sub-carriers such that the ICI between adjacent sub-carriers cancels out at the receiver with benefits of window function. In addition, since no channel equalization is needed for  reducing  ICI,  the  proposed  scheme  is  therefore  beneficial  in  implementation without increasing system complexity.

Keywords: OFDM, ICI, BER, FFT, SNR, CIR.









International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering

Volume 3, Issue 2, Pages:  1546 - 1554