Optimization Of  Axial Force  In Drilling Process On Mild Steel By Taguchi’s Approach

Er.Shravan Kumar Singh

Department of Mechanical Engineering,Institute Of Science & Technology Klawad, Yamuna Nagar (Haryana), India.

Er.Beant Singh (Associate Professor)
Mech.Engg.Department, S.S.I.E.T.Derabassi, Punjab,India,      
Er.Rashpal Singh(Assistant Professor)
Mech.Engg.Department, S.S.I.E.T.Derabassi, Punjab,India, Email:



    The objective of the paper is to obtain an optimal setting of the drilling process parameter (cutting speed ,feed ) resulting in an optimizing axial force in drilling on mild steel. The effect of drilling process parameter on axial force using Taguchi’s parameter design approach. Results indicates that the selected process parameter affect the machining characteristics. The result indicate that the selected process parameter affect the mean and the variance of the optimal force. The percent contribution of parameters as quantified in the S/N pooled AVOVA .The percentage contribution of the parameters reveal that the influence of the feed (64.72%) in controlling both mean and variation of axial force is significantly larger than that of cutting speed(33.38%).The predicted optimum axial force is (720N).The result have been validated by confimation experiments.

Index terms:- Design of experimnets, Taguchi method, drilling process, work piece material mild steel and tool material high speed steel.







International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering

Volume 3, Issue 2, Pages:  1502 - 1508